The Game Out Loud Podcast  is hosted by Jordan Rusnack, Rob Petersen and Colin Cooper. Each week they discuss everything gaming related… loudly!

Episode 84- Master of None

April 8, 2014


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This week, Jordan is the host with the most…puns that is! He is joined by Rob, Jordan, and the spectacular Spencer Mullins. Colin keeps going back to Orcs Must Die 2 and continues chipping away at Dark Souls 2. Rob snakes his way through another Metal Gear Solid game (or two) and delves into Lichdom Colon Battlemage. Meanwhile, Jordan contemplates what it might be like to live a caprine life in Goat Simulator and plays a bunch of Mario games.

For the topic, we had planned on covering music in games, but at the last minute decided to discuss Amazon’s baffling new console instead. Turns out Ron Jeremy makes a great Mario!



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